Let's Catch Up Pt. 2

 There was a bit of anxiousness in the air. What if we don't see da Spinnas? Or Turtles? Maybe not even fish? Soon were put at ease by the friendly and entertaining staff.

Our guides were all pretty young. I'd say 18 to about 35-ish. And our pack of people were from all over, a couple of Americans, some Australians, but mostly Japanese.It took about an hour to get to the spot where the dolphins chill and gossip (that's what they sound like underwater). 

 Once we slowed down we were alerted of a few Dolphins down below. Everyone replied with a face full of "For reals??" and sprang to check it out.

One by one we hopped in the ocean like tourist navy seals. And there it was. The dolphin sonar sound. For some reason it was an instantly recognizable.

Before you know it there they were visible. Gliding through the ocean in their muscular banana shape. If their tail gave one kick they would be gone if you blinked. 

For the most part there was one or two at a time but later on the whole credit showed up like squaaaaad bish. We in this thang.

They were immaculate, man. Check out the video below for exclusive footage 😝


After about thirty minutes in the spot we climbed back into the boat to go to the reef. There we saw some bright colored fish (no nemos, unfortunately) and some big ass turtles. The uncles of the ocean. They were a little more gracious then the dolphins. All of their movements seemed to be shot in 120 frames per second and slowed down enough to make Zach Snyder proud. 

After the reef the crew fed us lunch and we chilled and took pics on our way back to the dock. By this time everyone was talking to each other. It's like that phenomenon at during a college final where everyone is all of a sudden friend because the "we made it" feeling starts to set in. There was also a cool moment with some of the Japanese. One of the dudes wanted a picture for some reason or another. I'd like to think it was because I was an ambiguous American but it might have been aittle deeper then that lol. Nonetheless we teamed up and did a little heart sign with each of our hands. Again, it could of been for several reasons in his end but it was cool hang out with them for a second. Unfortunately they new little English and the same for my Japanese so we sort of just parted ways after. 

Immediately after we jetted to get Charli to the Aulani, she was a bridesmaid and apparently should've been there early in the morning but they were gonna be fine. 

The wedding was such an experience. Outside of waiting a few ours for the reception to go down it was really interesting to see and the mix of cultures: mostly Samoan and Mexican. Thisbmught give you a little idea: There was a Mariachi band  made up of a Caucasian dude, a Mexicano, and a Filipino. And they were pretty good!

Anyway, as many other young weddings this one ended a bit early. There was a money dance, the traditional garter/bouquet that turned into a proposal (that was cool), and a little dance/band. Honestly it was pretty cool to check out how a mixed race local family throws down. Best wishes to Estee and Aaron!