Let's Catch Up Pt. 1

I've just boarded my flight to Taipei from Hong Kong. The last leg on a stretch that took me from the beautiful beaches of Oahu. It's cool though. Here soon I'll be linking up with my good homie Riley and before you can say it we'll be in Seoul. 

My time in Oahu was mesmerizing but also quick and familiar. I spent the first day meeting my partner in crime, Charli, and following her to her old high school in Kapolei. I watched her get some nails done for a wedding she would be a bridesmaid in. As we were wandering around the school I got to get a glimpse of the adolescence of Hawaii. Pretty standard: puppy love, stuco stressing on prom details, trash being cleaned up by the wayward janitors, the same old. Kapolei, one of the middle of the pack schools had some different definitions ways of using classrooms. There were a few classes that would be going on in the center of a large room. I'm talking back-to-back projectors with no curtains. Like, whaaat? It was cool to see it wasn't as standard as my mainland magnet school.   

Of course, a spectrum of brown complexion was around. Big imposing dudes, little ladies, big ladies (tall and lean, of course) Samoans, Filipinos, Micronesian, a sprinkle of Latino, Chinese, and like two anglos (more teachers than students I'm sure). The brown-ness was real. 

Damn, I just realized that I've got a lot to tell you and I started off by explaining high school differences lol. Lets get to the cool stuff. 

I was lucky enough to experience some Disney magic straight from the Aulani Resort. (Disclaimer: not the biggest fan of big business but I currently work for like the most gargantuan business in the world so I ain't got much room to talk. And plus, I'm on vacation!) It was pretty awesome.

A (probably controversial) man-made resort had anything and everything you needed, plus Disney. We chilled that night on the cove and watched the LEGENDARY performance by Kobe Bean Bryant as he waved farewell to the NBA with 60 points and a W that was probably the more impressive feat. I damn near shed a tear watching the irony of him throwing the last possession down to Jordan Clarkson -- a young stud on the roster -- for a slam. This is me being a optimist as a Laker fan. We still have like 5 years until we win a conference title or even compete for one. 

The next morning I convinced Charli to workout on the beach. We avoided the boot camp program and found ourselves in the Total Body Circuit. I would say it was a good workout. She would roll her eyes :) 

We ate an overpriced breakfast for the convenience and picture with Goofy but it was worth it because the food was 👌

Next: a break. I had a few videos to finish editing (Check out mxxdprints on YouTube to find my mxxdtapes work wit the Arkansas Wings 14U team!) and Charli needed to pass out from the eggs benedict-induced coma. 

That night we chilled with Charli's cousin (shout out to Sara and her friend Tiana) to get some sushi and do a little sight seeing. We started at Doraku where they like to make their menus confusing as hell.

I ordered a soy paper wrapped roll with tuna and some other stuff that I forgot. It was one of the few things that were glutenless that I could order. It was delicious. Im pretty sure our waiter was high after a few confusions with the order and some conversation between our party about restaurant management in Hawaii. Can you blame them though? Your telling them to work.. in paradise? They need something to get through the worst part of their day lol. 

The POW! WOW! Hawaii murals were whats up though. After circling the block for good minute we jumped out of the car and walked around to see the work (shout out to Sara again for the tour guide knowledge!) the murals were of various contemporary styles. They were executed well and had a nice flow together. There were dozens of them some small and large. Check out the pics. 

We ended the night looking out on Waikiki from a top of the winding roads to tantalus lookout point. A beaded skyline outlined dark silhouetted hotels with yellow and white lights. I love the daylight here but this view made night time look majestic. This where I would stop myself from saying 'I could get used to this'. I could, but my bank account couldn't.