Mxxdprints is the content and production side to Mxxdprints Studios. We are a creative agency based in Chicago. Through humble beginnings behind camcorders making home movies and capturing family and friends, we’ve evolved to serving equally passionate teams and brands that are looking for cinematic narratives and aesthetically pleasing visual content for themselves or their business.


Mxxdprints specializes in representing the many forms of media that a customer can be reached through: photos, video, and design. We strive to capture what’s unique about a brand or a client while utilizing the best medium to get that product or message out to the world.




Building concepts, narratives, and evoking the proper emotions is what we do. To do that we ask you about your business. We are dedicated to efficiency and a genuine understanding of your needs. These meetings are the bread and butter of meeting your expectations.


In this stage we hire talent, crew and plan the shoot. Religiously. We have a process we can depend on. Which means that sometimes we leave room for flexibility and creative spontaneity depending on the conditions of the work.


This is where we breathe life into your piece. We mix/master audio, color-correct, and edit. We are all very aware of the boring, cheesy content that all companies fear. That is why we exceed industry standards when putting the finishing touches and deliver you the final in the best format for your desired platform.  


We also offer professional photography services for social media, advertising, or personal branding. We specialize in portrait, lifestyle and travel/documentary photography.