My name is Gabriel Cuillier and first and foremost thanks for visiting my site.

I don't want to be too formal on this section. I'd like to tell you a little bit about me, my brand and hopefully you can navigate away from this page with a few tidbits from the two.

I grew up in Central Arkansas, mostly in a small city called Sherwood. I went to grade school in the capital, Little Rock and from then I went to college in Fayetteville. Let's back up. Growing up I was the only brown kid of my combination for miles (still haven't met one yet). I'm half Mexican and half creole, but in a racially skewed part of the country I look anything from Indian to Filipino. Not that most of my life was deeply impacted by my looks, but I know for sure that I had a tough time figuring out who the heck I am for a long time. During that time I was able to relate to the other anomalies I ran into while in school, thus giving me a multitude of perspectives and understanding with various people. 

Now, let's get back on track, I graduated business college with a degree in economics and like most of Generation Y I quickly accepted a job to begin paying off our good friend Sallie Mae (Hey Sallie, what's up bae?). As I unpacked my stuff in my dorm I knew my goal was to get a job before I was done and I completed that challenge. 

For some time while in school I wondered what I actually wanted to do. I knew what I was set to accomplish but, what did I really want to do? If I had to take a chance on something what would it be? We all find ourselves here don't we: I liked economics, I liked film, I liked sociology, and I liked technology. And I'm not afraid to say that even now I still wonder. 

So, for now, this is my platform to capture, express, and contemplate through photography, videography, and design. My whole goal with Mxxdprints is to represent the unrepresented. To use the many perspectives that I’ve gained as the token brown-skinned boy in the South to be the platform for the unspoken subcultures of the south. 

In the past two years I’ve been able to contribute my work for friends, businesses and events. Most notably: Rock City Kicks, Brandon Love Basketball League, Malik Monk, and Association of Latino Professionals.

Let’s shoot a video, some pictures and tell your story with them.